Easter In A Jar

Here is a little something that I threw together 
last year when trying to spruce up my 
breakfast bar for spring.

I had trouble trying to come up with a name for 
this thing. Basically it’s a decorated mason jar 
with 3 Easter eggs on candy sticks!
 Easter In A Jar
 Easter In A Jar
Materials needed:

Mason Jar
Scrapbook Paper
Candy Sticks
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Spray Glue or Mod Podge
Foam Easter Eggs
Basket Filler
& Whatever you may have lying 
around to decorate the eggs.

The mason jar embellishments are pretty self explanatory so I won’t dwell on instructions for that.

For the eggs: 
Poke the candy sticks through the foam eggs and secure with a little hot glue.

I wrapped one egg in what I call furry wool!
One in twine that I painted a lime green 
(securing the twine & wool with hot 
glue throughout  the wrapping process).
And one I covered with glitter (use the spray 
glue or Mod Podge for this)…gotta love me 
some glitter!
I filled the jar with basket filler to give the sticks a little something to rest in allowing more control of how they are positioned in the jar. And that’s it!

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A half dozen eggs

I have been experimenting with more paper punched eggs. I have a flower punch that is relatively small 
so I figured I’d give it a try.
Click here to see my other paper punched Easter 
eggs and for a mini tutorial.
The only thing I did differently with these eggs is I painted the foam eggs a pastel turquoise before pinning the paper petals.

I picked up a cute little glass stand at Winners that I thought was perfect for spring and while grocery shopping I snagged an awesome 6 egg holder for .94 cents! The eggs look sweet in both displays.

Here are a few pics…

 A half dozen eggs

 A half dozen eggs

 A half dozen eggs

 A half dozen eggs

 A half dozen eggs

 A half dozen eggs

 A half dozen eggs

 A half dozen eggs

 A half dozen eggs

 A half dozen eggs

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