A Frightful Table Vignette

A Frightful Table Vignette thumb A Frightful Table Vignette

Halloween is creeping upon us…only one week to go!

Are you a crazy Halloween decorator – do you like gore or cute and pumpkin-y?

Outside I kind of have a mixture of both…my kids like the spooky decorations where as I prefer pumpkins, hay and mums.

At night when it’s dark I find the spooky stuff kind of cool but in the daylight it just looks like a mess…pumpkins and mums look good day or night!

I’ve added a little bit of black to my table display this year…but still kept a touch of orange too!

My “ Frightful Table Vignette ” has just enough spook for me.

142 thumb A Frightful Table Vignette

All of the things I used for this vignette were from my Halloween decor.

I love shopping the house….so cheap!

150 thumb A Frightful Table Vignette

I layered my table runner with a roll of burlap in burnt orange.

A Frightful Table Vignette 2 thumb A Frightful Table Vignette

The stencilled sign was a super quick and easy project from last year.

Check it out here.

A Frightful Table Vignette 3 thumb A Frightful Table Vignette

These cute pumpkins were a project from last year too…

…you can find them here.

A Frightful Table Vignette 4 thumb A Frightful Table Vignette

A Frightful Table Vignette 5 thumb A Frightful Table Vignette

Get those treats ready…I’m popping by your house, haha!

Silver Halloween

Silver Halloween Table Vignette 2 thumb Silver Halloween

Instead of a White Christmas how about a Silver Halloween? I have seen a lot of silver Halloween decor popping up in the stores this season. Instead of spending a pile of money to create a shimmering silver display I grabbed a few goodwill finds and dollar store treasures and made them shimmer and shine with one can of spray paint.


Silver Halloween Table Vignette 3 thumb Silver Halloween

I added the slightest bit of orange with a few fall leaves. It’s the perfect contrast with all the silver.

Silver Halloween Table Vignette 4 thumb Silver Halloween

I gave all of my pieces a plain coat of grey using a small bottle of grey craft paint I had on hand. Since the colors were so vibrant and deep I thought it best to prime them with a color close to silver so that the spray paint would cover easily. I purchased one can of spray paint and I had a little left over.

Silver Halloween Table Vignette 5 thumb Silver Halloween

I love this little guy, he looks so happy!

Silver Halloween Table Vignette 6 thumb Silver Halloween

And the glow from the pumpkin puts a smile on my face.

Silver Halloween Table Vignette 7 thumb Silver Halloween

If you come across candle sticks at goodwill, don’t pass them up – they sure come in handy

for a lot of things!

Silver Halloween Table Vignette thumb Silver Halloween

This is how everything looked prior to painting,

scary indeed.

Silver Halloween Table Vignette 8 thumb Silver Halloween

It’s amazing what you can do with a little paint!

Silver Halloween Table Vignette 2 thumb1 Silver Halloween

October Free Printable


I spent my day today creating free printables for you…this one I am sharing with you today…all the others will be available on September 9th on Aimee’s lovely blog, It’s Overflowing.

I am certainly no Photoshop expert, I know enough to get by…

…I guess that’s why it has pretty much taken me the entire day to slap together the few printables that I did…

…I really enjoy making them though and once I get started I love to keep going and going….

It feels like Fall here today too, yesterday we had 4 cords of birch firewood delivered. It’s all in long logs waiting to get junked up into smaller logs to fit into the woodstove…

…I know Fall is right around the corner when our wood arrives.

I have a ham baking in the oven and my daughter says it smells like Christmas….

…I don’t want to rush things…I enjoy Fall way too much to hurry into Winter….

Are you searching for the download button…

…I’ve made you read about my day, sifting through the words for the most important ones….


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